Today I had a weird experience . I was in one of the 5 star hotels of Gurgaon . I was meeting CEO of Power Based Company . Post the meeting was over , CEO and his other management people asked me to join them for lunch and we were went to coffee Launge area where Buffet spread was laid down .

As in enthusiastic foodie , i started taking pics of the spread and Chef who was standing on the other side of the Table came to me and informed me that i cannot click pictures of the Buffet spread :

Just finished with Lunch where i was not allowed to take pictures courtesy to the Chef – I want to ask the people in the Hospitality industry or Chefs IS CLICKING PHOTOS OF THE FOOD comes under any confidentiality clause of the Hotels …

After this first weird experience we sat for cup of coffee , the steward came and we ordered … we were sipping the Coffee and some official of the Hotel came and again said I cannot take pictures of the damn coffee . The CEO liked the cookies which was given with the coffee and he asked for more … The steward was like sir ” cookies are complimentary ” fine if the first batch of cookies were complimentary , then next what we are ordering would be paid off .

The company paid for the Lunch … so coffee and cookies would be also paid .

Third Weird event of the day was I was sitting in the lobby for Hotel , waiting for the car to come and pick me up , I intentionally started clicking , Lobby man who was behind the reception came and informed me that madam : Photography is not allowed …

Now my Questions to the all people who belong to Hospitality industry and to all Chefs listed here , Please i expect people to answer and give a thought to it :

1 . Hotels spend a lot on promotions , branding , social media as well as on the event . Food / Wine / Drinks are important part of Hospitality industry … Does it effect the Brand of the Hotel if a person is a food enthusiast is clicking photos of the food on the table ? Does a good word of mouth about their Hotel from a customer not mean any thing to the management of a 5 star Hotel ? I would like to ask a question to management if a person who is paying for the food / drinks cannot even click a picture of the food ? What gives them right to say that i cannot click the photo of the food for which i paid …

  1. Are 5 star Hotels of India equivalent to Nuclear facility that clicking photographs needs permission … The person on the reception came to me said madam , Photography is not allowed … Hello … Hotel lobbies are meant for photography where one can show the world how it looks , feels … Experience .. How do we share the experience with our world … PHOTOGRAPHS are the best way …

To prove my point I took the pics and i had a argument with the lobby manager and I told him … sir – If i have done any crime , then send me legal notice ,my lawyers would take this matter to Honorable Supreme Court where such hotel policies would be legally taken care of …

So ladies and gentleman please do think what i mentioned ….

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Natarajan Lalgudi Well spoken Ambika Sukumar however if they were such ingrates do you think their hotel deserved real estate on your smartphone and the benefit of being acknowledged for their hotel’s features in your beautiful writing? Rather not methinks

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Ambika Sukumar True … why promote at all … why put on social media … why have corporate communication and Pr department … why are they crores of money on Promotion when a simple word of mouth does not mean to these Hoteliars …

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Fareed Khan Which hotel

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Vickrham Vicky And Now Ambika Sukumar why the hell r u hiding their name….who deserve a backlash from us foodies….come out in open

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Ambika Sukumar West in gurgaon …

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Fareed Khan I know freaky guys worked just opposite at Panasonic

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Vickrham Vicky What ??? BUT I clicked many pics the other day I was at Story the night lounge ???? Wait let me ask Sukhdeep Bahra …..Plz respond…Is it true and why is it so if yes ???

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Ambika Sukumar I have had argument with a Lobby man , with steward …and the chef standing next to pasta table … Today when i was sitting there was Korean / Oriental lady wearing a Orange kurta and white slacks who was very friendly … she was carrying some bags of Fab India … she was telling 2 men might at the reception — who is the Big boss … then she took a diary out … took their names and nos …

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Sukhdeep Bahra Dear Ambika Sukumar thank you for bring this to my notice. I will check as to why this has happened. As Vickrham Vicky mentioned, we encourage our guests to click pictures and posts them. However, what happened today is unfortunate.

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Ambika Sukumar Thanks mam . Appreciate it …

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Kapil Gautam Dear Ambika Sukumar you did everything right right down the name of the hotel and that person who stop you to clicking pictures of that food which purchased from them and post it on the wall we all share it on our wall that will reach them and will get paid for it which they did in there foolishness. they Should learn a lesson

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Ambika Sukumar My foolishness Kapil Gautam… I did not take their names … because i was with CEO/ Upper management of Top Power Company of India … and I did not want to make a mess in front of them … I was amazed when i saw they were cordial with Expats … But with your own country people you behave as if we are some culprits …

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Kapil Gautam Ya Ya Ambika Sukumar This is More important instead of them you are right i can understand that

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Sukhdeep Bahra But Ambika Sukumar you knew me. You could have called me to come by and sort the matter immediately

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Bilal Vohra This seems to be an interesting thread to follow ><, i’d be waiting to hear the response and the counters but what i think is if any expat would have clicked a pic it would have been all good guess we as Indians still haven’t lost the taste for fair skin .

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Ambika Sukumar madam , I never had ur contact no … Today i did not disturb Vickrham Vicky because last night he lost his uncle ( His friends father expired ) so i thought he might be busy with the final rituals … Thirdly and most importantly … I was with CEO of a Power Company … ( Sukhdeep Bahra ) …

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Kapil Gautam As we all are a friends you can contact any one or every one contact anyone for anything please save my 09717063481 this is for all for you guys i m new in your team

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Vickrham Vicky Ambika Sukumar Dear…but u should have surely called me or messaged me …As I am highly shocked by this…and Can’t really believe it….Westin would not do such thing at all….and if a any cost this happened …There must b a reason to it…. anyways Sukhdeep Bahra will get back…. This post ends here

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  1. Interesting …and matches my expectation…it all sums up ..the differences I mean
    We are polite, but not so much as is expected of us to be world class….BTW very near my old office in Calgary, Westin has a tall property near the Core!!! Will be careful..after all desi connection..who knows?
    Westin Calgary — Address: 320 4 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2S6 Canada

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