# Support Maggi # I love you Maggi

In support of Maggi … My first love … makes me think of Mom and Home …Maggi 1 maggi 2 maggi-noodles

My mom still narrates me this story though I donot remember it happened … She does not fail to mention , I was 8 yr old when I first prepared maggi and served my dad to eat because mom was not cooking that day as mom and dad had a big huge fight so Kitchen was off and Hunger struck … so best option available was Maggi which i could manage to cook is MAGGI … Iam sure , there are so many stories like my house and maggi found a place in hearts and shelves of the Indian household .

The original company came into existence in 1872 in Switzerland, when Julius Maggi took over his father’s mill. He quickly became a pioneer of industrial food production, aiming to improve the nutritional intake of worker families. Maggi was the first to bring protein-rich legume meal to the market, and followed up with a ready-made soup based on legume meal in 1886. In 1897, Julius Maggi founded the company Maggi GmbH in the German town of Singen, where it is still based today.

In 1947, following several changes in ownership and corporate structure, Maggi’s holding company merged with the Nestlé company to form Nestlé-Alimentana S.A., currently known in its francophone homebase as Nestlé S.A.Today, Maggi is known throughout the world for its dry soup, seasoning sauce and instant noodle dishes. In New Zealand, Maggi Onion Soup mix is often combined with reduced cream to create an onion dip for potato chips that has come to be generally accepted as a Kiwi favorite.

Maggi Masala noodles is a masala floured instant noodles made by Nestle. They were introduced in India as 2 minute noodles in 1982. The flavour that sold in India is called Meri Masala, as there are other masala flavours the company makes .

Apart from the ingredients that come with the packet, different Indian vegetables are added in preparation like carrot, capsicum, sometimes coriander etc.

Maggi is every child’s or even Adults soul food . Think about mom , home , the first thing is how mom made Maggi and served … If mom is out of the house … Ma donot worry … Maggi hain na … Many fusion food was invented on the streets thanks to Maggi … Mumbai’s famous maggi sandwich innovation core thanks to Maggi .

Seeing the popularity of Maggi many other companies started instant noodles but then one could not get even get to standard of quality of Maggi . Maggi is still no 1 brand in India … People donot know Nestle in rural parts but then every body knows Maggi … Whether Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian house … Maggi is found in all the houses . I may say kitchens of Veges and Non veges got united with Maggi … Maggi brought the kitchen’s together .

Today this controversy of Maggi is tussle between 2 corporates … One a tobacco major who has another brand of noodles and pasta vs Maggi not Nestle …

Politically it would be hard for this government to take decision on a brand like Maggi as well as on Nestle … But a corporate war of this sort reminded me of Cola wars … America had seen such wars … but the first in Indian turf … Noodles war …

I cannot say about the world But I can say about myself and my home ” I LOVE YOU MAGGI “

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