India is nation which has diversified culture as well as traditions .. One can see the culture , traditions and the whole civilization in the form of different flavors . Here in Thalli , showcased is 4 states . Kerala / Gujarati / Rajasthani / Bengali …

In Gujarati Thalli/ Rajasthani Thalli is vegetarian thalli one sees the amalgation of flavors and spices .. the food is rich but spices are very pallatable and aromatic .. the major spice which one can smell is Hing ( Asafoetida) , Mirch which makes it spicy with mustard … Mustard and Red chilli is used majorly as Chaunk or in English process to tempering the curry . Chaunk may be prepared at the beginning of cooking, before adding the other ingredients for a curry or similar dish, or it may be added to a dish at the end of cooking, just before serving. Guju and Rajasthani thalli is also thalli where one can see appetizers and main course comming together . Concept of Farsan was introduced to Guju Thalli and Rajasthani Thallis … Shev ,Ganthiya ,Dhokla , Khandvi

Farsan acts as appetizers and cleanses the saliva as well as tongue with that one array of chutneys … specifically the garlic mirch chutney and dhania ( coriander) chutney and imli ki Mithi chutney ( Tamarind). Main course is again very interesting consist of Kadhi both white and Yellow . Gujarati Kadhi is white and little sweet in taste . 2 Balance that Rajasthani kaddi is absolutely spicy has hing and red chilli ka chaunk . Pulses and Vegetables play a important role on a Thalli . Local vegetables are made absolutely rich like gawarphalli , Gathiya ( rolled steamed besan rolls ) in Rajasthani as Rajasthan saw fever vegetables . Khichadi is important in Gujarati thalli which they savor with Kadhi .. Khichadi is made with 5 kind of Pulses … All together in Gujarati and Rajasthani thalli one see and flavors 26 dishes …with that essential is a drink which chanch or Butter Milk .

Kerala Thalli vegetarian is amazing coconut and coconut milk gets a prominent place with mustard seeds and curry leaves . Rasam is important which is like appetizor cum soup … Peppery hit one down the throat . The interesting in Kerala Thalli is use of vegetables like Thoran and Mocha ( Banana bark and Banana fruit ) with grated coconut cooked to perfection . Very light on stomach . Kerala thalli is where one gets brown rice . absolutely delicious they serve it with little chaunk of mustard seeds curry leaves and dried red mirchi . Avial is a dish, which is believed to have been originated from the Indian state of Kerala and which is common in Kerala as well as Tamil cuisine and Udupi cuisine. It is a thick mixture of vegetables and coconut, seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. Avial is considered an essential part of the Sadya, the Keralite vegetarian feast and now one can find avial in many South Indian Thallis . Around 15 dishes which includes black grams , beetroot vegetables , Sambhar , Korma

Final presenting today is Bengali Vege thalli … Though in Bengal even one is vege they serve fish as Bengalis consider Fish to be Shubh or Good omen .. ofcourse Fish is a staple food … Only widows still bengal donot eat food . Bengali thalli starts with saag / shukto then bhaja mosur dal with fried cripsy vegetables like potatoes or eggplant , sweet chutney mainly tomato and in mango season mango chutney .

The use of spices for both fish and vegetable dishes is quite extensive and includes many combinations not found in other parts of India. Examples are the onion-flavoured kalonji (nigella or black onion seeds), radhuni (wild celery seeds), and five-spice or panch phoron (a mixture of cumin, fennel, fenugreek, kalonji, and black mustard seeds). The trump card of Bengali cooking probably is the addition of this phoron, a combination of whole spices, fried and added at the start or finish of cooking as a flavouring special to each dish. Bengalis share their love of whole black mustard seeds with South Indians, but unique to Bengal is the extensive use of freshly ground mustard paste. A pungent mustard sauce called Kashundi is a dipping sauce popular in Bengal. All together 35 dishes in vegetarian Bengali Thalli … One ask to remove the Fish if one does not eat Fish .20150312_214330 IMG_20150616_140640 IMG_20150615_135847 Bengali Thalli

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