Dvar – Evening with Celebrity Chef Rakesh Sethi

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One of India’s top celebrity chefs, Rakesh Sethi, whose culinary skills have made him a household name across the Indian subcontinent, is an alumni of The Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition, Pusa, New Delhi.
A man with esoteric skills and appetite, he is a teetotaler, a philosopher, herb gardener, fluent in several Indian dialects as well as having an amazing command over Hindi. A post-graduate in English literature Chef Sethi has love and respect for all languages.
Now says he “After 28-29 years in this profession, it is no longer challenging to cook a dish, which happens automatically. I am more interested in what happens if I mix and match and that’s what drives me. I am not one of the young chefs who attained Nirvana in the early years of life. Every day, my team and I look forward to an experience of producing unique combination of spices, which have character and depth. A dish, which would give my guests a pleasure both visually and gastronomically.
A large and well-appointed restaurant Dvar is the go-to place for most of Dwarka when the residents want an upmarket North Indian meal. The restaurant is extremely large and the menu encompasses the tried and tested, like the tandoori murgh and tandoori jheenga, as well as salmon tikka.
Dvar is one place where one can find Celebrity Chef Rakesh Sethi at ease . The place seems to be his Chemistry lab where he innovates and designs . Artist with his canvas .
For meeting Chef Rakesh Sethi , Tea time magic again happening this time right in front of me . Reliving it .
Signature dish of Chef Rakesh Sethi at Dvar for me was the simple but yet elegant and royal Cooker Kukad ( Pressure cooker chicken ) . Simple . lucious yet very royal absolute magical .
think of Lentils one would think the person is sick . This is first time in my life tasted a lentil soup with small or miniature samosa so royal .The canvas of food never looked this exotic . Chef Rakesh Sethi made it exotic and living .
For me and TWCI , Dvar has become a door which opens into kitchen of many dimensions and ofcourse to watch Chef Rakesh Sethi passionate artist working on his canvas

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