The Story of WOW MOMO’S

In Metros of India , Momo’s is now more of all day  food . Momo’s is more really soul food which mostly young people relish as its kind of a street food and readily available not much damaging on pocket of student . Its got popularity in mid 80’s when the Mclaudgunj , small sleeping town of Himachal Pradesh became a capital and throne of Dalai Lamma . Delhi accepted momo’s when Majnu ka tilla  became a home to the Tibentian people who were ousted from their homeland Tibet and they made Mclaudgunj and Delhi their home due to political reasons.

Met these young talented gentleman who have fire in their belly , absolutely crazy and nuts about food and more about Momo’s . During the conversations with them I transcended to my college days , The best food available or to one could hog upon was Maggie ( now Banned ) … chollein kulcha , samosa or momo’s at kamla market for north campus students . One even see ‘s Momo’s at local market , one starts salvating … whether chicken or veg that red garlicky sassy sauce or chutney … Hot momo’s 6-8 pieces on the faded enamelware plate and every body used to jump on it .

This story is about 2 young gentleman from Calcutta who were students of St. Xaviers College , who had all fun of the college and had momo’s in their lunch / snack / not dinner probably by that dinner they should be home . Dream of making big in the food world … The dream of making Momo’s a street food into a QSR format and making it as big brand of it’s own just like Pizza is today ( Domino , Pizza hut or Pizza express ) .

. 10268519_778975142113299_8328996958223275823_n 10981925_1004454319565379_7825599310317885207_n 11214049_1001205799890231_2358263626258235164_n 11255332_1001205566556921_6413275435107350488_n

22 yr old young men Mr . Sagar Daryani and Mr. Binod Homagai, best of friend’s and now Partners in business . The group already has 50 outlets all over India , But in Delhi this is their first .

Story of WOW MOMO’S BEGINS IN DELHI … lets see how innovation takes our hot sassy momo’s to other dimension .

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