California – Style Burgers in India – Carl Jr …

Famous Star with Cheese Super Star with Cheese Santa Fe Fenugreek Wasabi Fries

For all the burger fans out there who believe “The burger, the better,” American Burger Chain, Carl’s Jr., is in town to change the discourse on burgers. With juicy, tender, succulent, filling and appetizing burgers, Carl’s set to wage a Burger War .

Known for its chargrilled burgers, Carl’s Jr., along with its sister brand, Hardee’s, has already won over millions of burger lovers in 35 countries across the world. Globally, Carl’s Jr. features a superior dining experience that includes innovative menu items made-to-order and served hot and fresh at your table, all in a modern, upscale, spacious environment.

From its Chargrilled Chicken Burger section that consist of selections like Famous Star Burger (Moroccan spiced chicken topped with cheese and fresh produce) & Mile High Burger (Moroccan Spice chicken piled high with crispy, hand breaded onion rings topped with tangy Santa Fe Sauce) to Chargrilled Chicken Fillets that boasts of names like Mango Jalapeno Pepper (Chargrilled chicken topped with Jalapeno coins and mango jalapeno mayo) & Tikka Masala (Chargrilled chicken in bold and spicy marinade topped with tandoori mayo); and from Hand Breaded Chicken Fillet Burger to Santa Fe Chicken, the craftily curated menu has a lot to offer to the chicken lovers.

In regard to vegetarians, Carl’s Jr. has done extensive research and will present an equally exciting green menu for veggie lovers. From Chargrilled specialties like Tandoori Paneer Burger (thick-cut chargrilled paneer topped with tandoori mayo) to Paneer Tikka Masala Burger (thick-cut chargrilled paneer topped with mint mayo); and the Crispy section with its Mango Jalapeno 9 Jewel Burger (9 jewel breaded patty topped with mango jalapeno mayo & jalapeno coins) to Santa Fe Fenugreek Burger, the menu will surely bring out the animal in the vegetarian customers of the brand.

With Chicken Legs and Wings, Chicken Tenders with Natural Cut Fries, Hand breaded Onion rings and Wasabi Fries on the sides, you will never be short on surprises. To add some more frills to your dining experience, Carl’s Jr. will be the first premium QSR to offer beer on tap and free refills at soft beverages bar.

So Eat it like you mean it Delhi!

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