The Lost recipes of Mughal Era ( Era of Molecular Gastronomy)

Food recipes is considered as heritage / tradition when it passed upon from Mothers to daughters … , One reason why we have been able to preserve this as heritage but then there are some cuisines which were made exclusively for Royal Courts which were sort of experiments but then these ere experiments of Molecular Gastronomy of that era though delicious to the pallate and Art on plate …Some are just lost with time as they were not passed .

While Hindu Ayurvedic texts detail the ancient Indian philosophy of food and medicine but specifically of the Mughal era one can find Ain-i-Akbari which is broad literature on art / religion / architecture / food of that era or which was prevalent in those times .

A host of spices have disappeared with out any evidence from our masala container. From sandalwood powder to paan roots and branches to khus roots to pathar ke phool (a kind of lichen) and the most amazing was one which looked like black pepper but when chewed upon felt like one is having orange .

No body other than The Oberoi Gurgaon’s Executive Chef, Ravitej Nath, and Chef Osama Jalali took up this challenge to revive and understand the Mughal empire and shared with us how important these cuisines are and to future generation . Mughal empire khansamas or chefs as we term in today ‘s world would be perfect Molecular gastronomy specialist .

The Parinde Mein Parinde, where a quail stuffed and is placed in a chicken, which in turned is fitted into a duck, and the set of three birds is cooked with spices sealed pot on slow fire for atleast three hours.
We are talking about three meats of different degrees of toughness — duck being the toughest — requiring three different strengths of tenderisers. under standing meat is understanding zoology and biochemistry …

Remarkable was the Motia Pulao.The pulao has four main ingredients — basmati rice, mutton chunks, green peas and egg whites poached delicately in a section of a lamb’s intestines to resemble the little pearls that give the dish its name. Who says food is not ART … FOOD is most delicious art which one can view , relish through eyes and taste also … Believe in me … Motia Pulao was piece of ART which Chef Ravi Tej Nath and Chef Osama Jalali presented on the table … Molecular gastronomy at the best …

Food is both Art and Science .. Next 2 dishes where Chef Ravitej Nath and Chef Osama Jalali took us to the trip to a unknown kitchen where food was scientific where Chefs of the lost era were alchemis

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1 thought on “The Lost recipes of Mughal Era ( Era of Molecular Gastronomy)

  1. Revival of these Ancient Indo/Pak/Afgan/Pushtan/Baluchistan…..The whole of North west Frontier food is very -2 IMPORTANT.In them lies many hidden secrets,cooking styles, and many more mysteries


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