Gosht ka Halwa

Imagine after such a hearty meal and magic of Parinde mein Parinda or Murg Zamin Doz where one is in thought process … Comes with another dish which would just doze one off or one would just stand up from chair . silver bowl is served which just fills up air with aroma of saffron and ghee oozzing on the walls of the silver bowl , smells like bhunna hua besan ( Gram flour ) garnished with lots of nuts , pistachios . One takes a spoonfull of it and one skips a heart beat and is in mouth ful of heaven … 2 spoons later you ask Chef Osama Jalali and Chef Ravi Tej , what is this sinful heaven – Answer comes – Its Gosht ( Mutton / Lamb meat ) … You just swallow the bit of halwa whats there in your mouth and bewilderment in eyes and again the same question ” Kiska ka Halwa ” … Answer comes ” Gosht ka Halwa ” . Pinched myself 3 times and asked again so that Iam sure what iam hearing is right … It was ” Gosht ka Halwa

Unbelievable … Meat and sweet . Not possible .Meat texture has been tranformed from animal cells to powdered gram flour ( plant cell)- mission impossible . Part of a food fest to recreate lost recipes, the final dish on the menu was sinful halwa, soaked in asli ghee, and scented with saffron and cardamom.

The chefs worked on recreating the recipe, and each attempt resulted in a different taste. After various attempts, the perfection seeped in . Chef Ravi Tej mentioned it that they boiled lean meat in milk three times to completely take out the meat’s smell in a heavy bottom pan and milk would not curdle up . After that, the softened meat was minced with saffron. This mince preparation was slow-cooked in khus, paan, cardamom, milk and ghee.

If this dish was presented in Royal dinning table by royal khansammas , then those khansammas were just some alchemist who knew their chemistry well . This is actually Molecular gastronomy . Kitchen is where one understand what a element or matter is made up of . Hats off to Chef Ravi Tej and Chef Osama Jalali who could recreate this magic and present it . The Khansama who created this dish should be given the highest award in molecular chemistry. But recreation of such dish is also not a child’splay . Having an understanding chemical nature of a element or ingredient and then transformation into another form is ultimate where in there is no recipe available in the present . Understanding spices and how they would they would help changing the molecular structure of a dish is just Molecular Chemisty or What is termed in Culinary world as Molecular Gastronomy . Even molecular chemist would fail in such conditions where Chef Ravi Tej and Chef Osama Jalali done it “EUREKA ”

Would thank Chef Ravi Tej , Chef Osama Jalali and Mallika Gowda for this learning opportunity . Revival of dead / lost recipes are important so that future generations know what all civilization is all about . Mughal Era is known for their brilliance in architecture whether it is Lal Qilla or Humayun’s tomb or ultimate Taj Mahal … Taj Mahal of Culinary world would be “Gosht ka Halwa :


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