2 Most unusual Indian Flat Bread (Bhakri and Puran Poli)

Keeping in mind its season of Ganpathy , hence i thought lets discuss about some thing about Maharashtrian cuisine . I came to realize that Maharashtra cuisine has lot of flavor , healthy nutritious food other than pav bhajee , vada pav or srikhand … though these 3 food have made it more local in the culinary world . On personal front , i came to know about these 2 dishes or lets say flat breads or even Roti as we tend to call it , when my sister got married to a man who is marathi a konkanstha brahmin and she  opened my way into kitchen of Marathi’s or Maharashtra .

First one is Bhakri which is just like our roti but a little different second one is Puran Poli which is sweet stuffed parantha or we can term as sweet bread .

Bhakri is a round flat unleavened bread often used in the cuisine of the state of Maharashtra in India but is also common in western and central India, especially in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Malwa, Goa, and northern Karnataka. It is coarser than a roti. It can be either soft or hard in texture, compared to a British biscuit with respect to hardness.

Being a staple bread, bhakri is served with curd, chutney, baingan bharta,vegetables, and rice. It is made mostly from wheat flour, jowar flour, bajra flour, nachni (or finger millet) flour, and even rice flour (in the Konkan region). Bhakris are made primarily with hot water, and flour. It has traditionally been the farmer’s food which would be carried to the farm at the crack of dawn and make up for both breakfast and lunch.

Bhakris are slightly firmer than a naan or roti made from wheat, and puff up easily with just a bit with the heat. They taste best when hot and straight off the stove. They taste delicious with scrambled eggs, daals (lentil soups) or a chicken ghee roast.Being a staple bread. In the fields, bhakri even used to serve as a plate, on which chutney or thecha(chutney made of green chillies and peanuts) was served and eaten together. In some parts of north Karnataka it is served with stuffed brinjal curry.

Take toor dal, or channa or moong dal sometimes. Wheat flour. Jaggery if you want to be traditional, sugar if not, and sometimes a mix of the two. And ghee the best With just these few ingredients most of Western India’s communities as they come together to make Puran poli.That this sweet stuffed flat bread is seen as belonging firmly to Western India is no accident. Food reflects geography, and that of Western India inclines its food to austerity.

A traditional Gujju thali would have puran Poli – and they are too delicious to have just one – all your appetite for the rest vanishes . By contrast Maharashtrian food’s elegant frugality is seen its larger, thin, bone-dry puran polis that must be moistened before eating, with coconut milk on the coast, cow’s milk or ghee in the interiors. Parsis used the ingredients and techniques of their Persian homeland to make something startlingly different of Puran poli. They made it into dar-ni-pori , a sturdy thick thing, filled with dried fruits and nuts and looking almost like a cake.The Book of Rachel tells us that they are a festive food: “Puran poli is made on Purim in memory of the liberation of the Persian Jews and the festival of Queen Esther”.

So my Ganapathy starts relishing some Bhakris with Chutney the Farmer way as well as some sweetness lended in the same thalli by Puran Polis … have asked my sister to teach me nuances of this regional dishes

bhakri bhakri thali 11372085_1687360791484008_1115783402_nporan poli Puran Poli

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