TAFTAN – Unsual Bread of Lucknow

TAFTAN – Unsual Bread of Lucknow ..

Ever dreamt of sinking your ivories into a succulent piece of meat straight off the coals with out bread being served ? The cuisine lends itself to secrets in the recipes that have been handed down from one generation to the next. People , Chefs , Food enthusiast ,  all  talk about meat but they forget one thing meat is succulent and tasty but with every piece of Meat , people consume a bread or as we Indian call it ROTI accompanies it . Nahari would not taste good if bread / Roti served is not properly done / baked … Bread / Roti is highly regarded dish but does not get any credit . If the bread / Roti served on table is burnt then one looses the appetite to even relish meat or food … If bread is not made properly … Food looses all its flavor .

So today , another unusual Roti  which i never heard atleast in Delhi even at Jamma Masjid area which is hub of Mughlai or Awadhi food . Sheermal / Nan or any kind of Khamir ki Roti is served with meat or vegetarian food but the first time an experience worth discussing or writting . Was invited for Luckhanvi shakahari ( Vegetarian food ) at ITC W’LCOME Dwarka Delhi … Now awadhi that too vegetarian … Well there is range of delicacies which served to Royal from Luckhnow or Delhi during Mughal period ..

Rotis come in many varieties, the specials being taftan and sheermal. The latter is cooked in a steel tandoor while the former is baked in one made from clay.

Taftan, taftoon or taftun is a leavened flour bread from Persian, Pakistani and Uttar Pradesh cuisines, baked in a clay oven. It is a Persian word.

This bread is made with milk, yoghurt . It often flavoured with saffron and a small amount of cardamom powder, and may be decorated with seeds such as poppy seed .

Taftan Roti is very to new thing … As a Food enthusiast … I had heard of many kind of roti ‘s which isprevalent in Mughlai or Awadhi food . But this came a surprise to me . Taftan was introduced to me by EXECUTIVE CHEF AKSHAY MALHOTRA of ITC W’LCOME at DWARKA , New Delhi

IMG_20150913_140727  .

This is an aristocratic naan with a royal pedigree. Flakier and lighter than its ubiquitous relative . Similar to Bakarkhani but avoids the sugar content. Origins lie in Uttar Pradesh. According to Chef Malhotra … Taftan was basically cooked for the Royal has it used all royal elements like saffron / Cardomam and Yogurt .. Yogurt gave a little fermentation effect and made it more fluffier and more lighter on the pallate . Sometime to make it more exotic khansama’s used to put Poppy seeds as we say to make it absorb the heat of red meat . On the other hand Nan / Khamiri roti was made in bulk and distributed among working class of the Royal .

It interesting to know that ITC W’lcome group has taken the initiative to popularize and bring Indian grains back in food menu again . Indian Grains play a important role … Grains of India are main constituent of Indian Bread and Rotis …

So Roti / Bread journey starts … Happy Tandoor Hopping


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