Licious ‘fresh’ meat to your doorstep

Food at home or  at a Restaurant or food any where in any part of the world is necessity . Food does not make any sense if the ingredients were not pure and were not according to one’s choice and need . Whether Vegetable or meat , it should be fresh and now a days organic so that what we consume is healthy . People who are voracious meat eaters or non vegetarians should be all the more careful from where they getting their meat , cold cuts  etc .


Born out of an idea of addressing the perennial problem of finding fresh, hygienic, delectable meat without stress, Bangalore headquartered Licious redefines and elevates the meat shopping experience like never before. The less than 6-months old bootstrapped start-up has brought together all stages of fresh meat procurement, processing and delivery under one-roof whilst ensuring the highest standards of quality.  The launch of this first-of-its-kind online meat ordering platform is an important milestone and timely given its successful 6 months test period that witnessed rapid growth and positive customer feedback.


“We sincerely hope the launch of Licious would forever change the consumer landscape in the fresh meat space as we go about redefining the standards of quality across the value chain”, says founder Abhay Hanjura who started the company with close friend and former Helion Ventures’ Finance Controller Vivek Gupta, after having a poor meat buying experience.


Licious today owns and operates a fully automated meat processing unit at Hennur with delivery hubs in localities such as Marathahalli and Kammanhalli covering an eight-kilometre delivery radius. The company will open a total of 6 – 8 hubs in phases to cover the rest of Bangalore as they scale up. Meat products are sourced after stringent internal quality checks and orders can be placed via channels like phone, website or mobile app. Delivery will be through patented, secure, vacuum sealed, temperature controlled containers with the maximum guaranteed delivery time of 90 minutes.

Licious packaging with hands

“To put it simply, Licious is the easiest and most convenient solution in the market,” says Vivek Gupta, co-founder, Licious. “It puts the power of choice back into the hands of customers by enabling them to easily customise and choose exactly what they need at guaranteed freshness as per industry standards. Licious also offers a subscription model that allows pre-set delivery dates and products apart from also delivering marinated meats at the doorstep as per consumer requirements”.

Licious packaging without hands

Licious aims for customer satisfaction through the finest and freshest meat availability, whether through a request of a particular cut, inquiry about a recipe, or sharing cooking tips. Licious’ goal will be to provide a peak dining experience – every single time a purchase is made by constantly looking for ways to better serve its customers and putting a smile on their faces – all the way, from farm to fork.

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