Master Chef Class by Le Cordon Bleu Chef Nicolas Houchet with Chef Sneha Singhi of Paris Cafe .

Le Cordon Bleu is a world renowned network of educational institutions dedicated to providing the highest level of culinary and hospitality instruction through world class programs.Le Cordon Bleu continues to evolve by combining innovation and creativity with tradition through theestablishment of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business that focus on the demands of a growinginternational hospitality industry

.Born in Nancy, France, Chef Nicolas gained his first experience of pâtisserie at the age of 15 by taking up various work placements in local restaurants and bakeries.Having found a passion for French pâtisserie he went on to study the craft for 5 years as an apprentice at Restaurant Hammerer, a pâtisserie, chocolaterie and boulangerie in Nancy, where he trained under an award winning mentor, Jean Claude Hammerer (Pastry Chef of the year 2000).He then went to work as Chef de Partie at prestigious 5-star hotel Le Grand Hotel de la Reine (located atUNESCO world heritage site Place Stanislas in Nancy) catering for up to 1000 guests at hotel banquets.In 2005 Chef Nicolas travelled to England in search of his next venture; along with 2 French associates he set up pâtisserie Macaron in London, where he worked as Head Chef for 5 years and take on the role of Director for 2 years. After only 8 months of trading, Macaron won the Time Out Best London Pâtisserie 2006.


Chef Nicolas has also participated in several competitions, coming 2nd in the French Festival National du

Croquembouche in 2002 and 11th in the Festival International du Croquembouche in 2004. Chef Nicolas joined Le Cordon Bleu in 2010 as Pâtisserie Teaching Chef.


Chef Sneha Singhi along with Chef Nicolas Houchet demonstrated how to make the most amazing macaroons. The demonstration was held at Sneha’s Paris Café at Salt Lake, Kolkata and involved a 20 strong audience.

The evening began with a session of introductions and conversations ranging from desserts to life at Le Cordon Bleu. It was followed by a one hour session of the Master Class where both the chefs got together to teach the enthusiastic participants how to make the perfect macaroons with helpful anecdotes which will ensure that one prepares the most exquisite macaroons possible.


The live demonstration was followed by the much awaited tasting session of the delicious Macaron Caramel et Cardamom prepared by the chefs. It was an evening filled with good food and a friendly team with the marketing team of Snigdha Moitra and Abhishek Sharma showing everyone a fine taste of what to expect from life at Le Cordon Bleu.

Macaron Caramel et Cardamon, Ananas rôtie et coulis noix de coco aux epices


Almond powder                  225gr

Icing sugar                          225gr (powdered sugar)

Egg whites                          90gr

Caster sugar                       225gr Water

85gr Egg whites

90gr Food colouring                    QS


  1. Sieve ground almonds and icing sugar add in the first quantity of egg whites to make a paste
  2.  Cook the caster sugar and the water to 118c.
  3. Pour the cooked syrup over the whisked egg whites using a mixer with a whisk attachment
  4. Incorporate the meringue to the paste in 3 inclusions
  5. Pipe disk onto silicone mat or baking paper and bake at 140c for 12 to 16 minutes depending on the size


Caramel and cardamom cream

Caster sugar                       200gr

Whipping cream                 200gr

Unsalted butter                  75gr

Ground cardamom             10gr

Whipping cream                 600gr


  1. Infuse the cream and the cardamom, gently warm up
  2. Make a caramel using the caster sugar
  3. Deglaze the caramel with the butter
  4. Gradually add in the infused cream and bring back to a boil until desired consistency is reached
  5. Make a Chantilly with the 600gr of whipping cream.
  6. Add Chantilly to cooled caramel gradually until desirable texture. It is possible to use less cream for a more intense caramel taste or less cream for a lighter cream.


Coulis Coco aux epics

Caster sugar                        100gr Water

50gr Coconut cream                    300gr

Vanilla pods                         2

Whole cinnamon sticks       2


Heat up the coconut cream and infuse the spices in.

Cook the water and the sugar to 116C

Pour the sugar syrup over the coconut cream and stir well

Bring back to a boil, then sieve and reserve in the fridge


Roasted Pineapple

Fresh Pineapple                  2

Vanilla pods                         2

Liquid clear honey               200gr

Unsalted butter                    100gr

Dark Rum (optional)            30gr


  1. Heat up honey the vanilla and the butter, once boiling add in the pineapple and cook until tender, finish cooking with a splash of rum (optional)


Tempered Dark chocolate de couverture 300gr


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