Recipe of Sweetness – ELO JHELO ( Home made Sweet snack )


I still remember me and my sister were kids and very young … We used to live far most rural place of India … Modern civilization in early 1980’s had not even touched … Some parts of the town where we lived were still dark and candles used to light the house after sun set …

Far among horizon some where in morning , I could hear dhaak playing and on the ground were covered with shiuli phool ( Harsingar ke phool )and its fragrance is so sweet that one could just melt … Seeing the Shiuli on ground means ” Durga Pooja ” … We used to collect it and make long Garland so that it could be adorned by Ma Durga … Those days .. Memories … Out of Memory Box came this also ..

During Durga Pooja , Ma used to make some kind of sweet dish which used to look like double helix DNA strand … I still remember me and my sister used to sit the whole afternoon and mom making it , twisting and turning , making sugar syrup . Curiosity in heart used to melt the moment we had put this thing in our mouth … Just addictive ..


The name i.e. Elo Jhelo is quite weird ! but quite sweet and quite rings into some kind of musical tune …

Elo jhelo is a very traditional and popular homemade festive bengali sweet. It is very easy to cook. Generally it is prepared during festivals like Vijaya Dashami or Diwali in Bengal. One of my favourite Bong style snack with a punch of sweetness along with crispiness.

In Maharashtra It is termed as Champakali … Sweet name again …


2 cups maida ( All Purpose Flour)
1 cup sugar
2 cups water
oil/ghee for deep frying
few strands of saffron
1/4 tsp. cardamom powder

elo jhelo doughelo jhelo 2

Knead the maida with 1 tbsp. oil/melted ghee, cardamom powder and water into a stiff dough.
Make a semi thick syrup with sugar,saffron and water.
Make small balls of the dough and roll each one into a puri.
Cut parallel lines in the centre, leaving 1 cm. off the edge.
Roll sideways and lightly press the two ends.
Heat oil/ghee. Deep fry them to light brown colour on low flame.

elo jhelo 3IMG_2530

Dip them immediately in the sugar syrup for a couple of minutes and drain well before serving.


I think today’s kids are missing this kind of Love ” Mom Love ”

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