Rose is one flower though it has thorns but still it is most beautiful flower in world … Fragrance makes every body romantic. A sweet preserve of rose petals from the India. Gul means flower in both Persian and Urdu and derives from their ancestors language Sanskrit term ful or pushpa meaning flower; whereas qand means sweet in Persian. In Turkish it is known as Gül Reçeli
As Gordon Ramsay said “It’s the Sexiest Desert in the world”. Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert which literally means cooked cream. The first time I set my eyes on this special  Panna Cotta , it was in an CAFE G at Crown Plaza Today Gurgaon. Totally   a deserts person    . And…it was love at first bite! The silky, melt in your mouth texture, the way the spoon glides through it, it was simply perfect in every way. I thought it was a baked yoghurt dish that time! If it wasn’t for the excellent band playing there which caught my attention, I ordered another one …
Could not help keep myself asking for the recipe . Perfect party dessert and easy to make . CHEF AVANISH JAIN was nice to share his recipe . So try this diwali , Indian version of Pannacotta … Gulkhand Pannacota ..
avanish Picture
Gulkand pannacotta- serves 4
Milk- 100 ml
bakery cream- 100 ml
grain sugar- 50 gr
Gulkand- 20 gr
gelatin-5 gr(soak in 50 ml water)
Gulkhand essence
1-boil the milk, bakery cream, half of gulkand and sugar together, once boiled remove from the heat and cool on ice water.
2- Soak gelatin in 50 ml water and dissolve in double boiler. add this to milk mixture, mix properly with essence of Gulkand.
3- pour this mixture in to moulds of your choice and cool it in chiller to set.
4- remove from the moulds and topped with the rest of the Gulkand.

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