Fine Dining experience at 30,000 ft with Maharaja ( Air India)

Food for a Maharaja now on the table at 30,000 feet . Talk about a nation which prides itself in having nature’s bounty, the earliest civilizations, a rich cultural heritage, … and expect the perpetuations of a great legacy. India – Land of Golden Sparrow …



Great culinary experiences don’t just happen; they are often the result of selective sourcing, careful crafting and thoughtful presentation. One place one does ’t expect to find an awe-inspiring dining experience is on an airline—in-flight meals have been typified by soggy vegetables, re-solidified cheese sauces, and rubbery bread balls

Reasons that prevented airlines in the past from providing a high quality dining experience include the airplane’s cabin pressure and low humidity (which affect flavor profiles), the necessity of precook-and-reheat meals, and the limited choices offered due to space constraints. Air India is working to re-design each aspect of this culinary system


Mr. Lohani with Chef Loomba at the tasting session (1)

Passengers on board Air India’s non-stop flight to San Francisco from December 02, 2015 can look forward to a delightful on-board food experience. To bring in a new excitement and variety for guests on Air India’s longest flight, the airline has engaged the services of celebrated Chef, Rajan Loomba, Chief Executive Chef, The Ashok to design meals for this flight, both from Delhi and from San Francisco.

A presentation of the new menu was made at the Ambassador Sky Chef flight kitchen for Mr Ashwani Lohani, CMD, Air India and senior officials. Chef Loomba took them through the details of the newly designed menu options, which will showcase the best of Indian cuisine. The emphasis is on wholesome, light and delicious food to suit all palates. The menu includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian and Continental options.

Loomba said there will be a special emphasis on showcasing north Indian cuisine initially. Murgh Rihana, a signature dish of Oudh (one of the restaurants under the Ashok) will be on the menu and that special emphasis will be given to how the food is presented, not just taste.
“We want to use this opportunity to showcase Indian cuisine ” .

A change in crockery and cutlery, napkins for the food service might be also seen . Food is first experienced through the eyes and must look good. It should say ” Pick me up ” …..would consist 4-5 items for each meal,” Loomba said. Since this is a 16-hour non-stop flight, there will be two full meals besides a hi-tea on board.


First and Business class passengers will have, besides an exclusive array of food, a wide choice of the best wines and liquor to pair with the food.
The inaugural flight will provide amenity kits with an Indian touch. The pouch and the products will be from Khadi. Thereafter, the kits will be extended to all other international flights of Air India.


The flight will also offer a wide range of inflight entertainment, from latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies to other Indian and international language movies, TV shows, documentaries, games and more, to appeal to all age profiles. The B777-200LR has a three-class configuration, with 8 seats in First, 35 in Business and 195 seats in Economy. First and Business class passengers can enjoy the comfort of reclining sleeperettes and emerge fresh after the long flight. Ample leg room and seat pitch make Economy travel quite comfortable too.

The flight will be a boon to the Indian diaspora on the US West coast. It will make travel easy and convenient for students and parents of NRIs. Business travellers looking for short stays and direct options will also be hugely benefitted by this connection .

About Air India:

Air India occupies a special place in the global and Indian aviation scenario. It pioneered the aviation in India and its history is synonymous with the history of civil aviation in India. Air India is not a mere airline that transports passengers, baggage and cargo. It is a multi-faceted organization. The aviation infrastructure it has created over the years is a testimony of its contribution. Apart from servicing of all its aircraft in-house with its own engineering facilities, Air India also undertakes ground handling services of many airlines in many cities in India. Air India has grown to become a mega international airline with a network of 34 destinations across the USA, Europe, Australia, Far-East and South-East Asia and the Gulf

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