KFC launches first-ever no crust, all-chicken KFC Chizza


The New Year is round the corner and so is loads of excitement for KFC lovers with the launch of the all-new KFC Chizza. The most extraordinary thing ever to happen to KFC’s signature hot and crispy chicken fillet is the all NEW CHIZZA with crispy toppings, yummy molten cheese, signature pizza sauce but NO CRUST! Only 100% REAL CHICKEN as the base. Flavored with condiments like oregano and chilli flakes, the Chizza is a chicken lover’s dream come true.

Commenting on the launch of the product, Rahul Shinde, General Manager, KFC India said: “At KFC, it has been our constant endeavour to offer customers something new, exciting and craveable; the Chizza is all that and much more. We are definitely excited to launch this product in the Indian market and cannot wait to see the excitement of our customers. The idea was to come up with something innovative, while sticking to our core of fried chicken. And Chizza offers chicken lovers the taste of our signature Hot and Crispy chicken in the most innovative format ever. We truly hope that our customers love this brand new innovation from KFC.”

The product was launched with much fanfare by KFC Chief Food Innovation Officer, Praneet Singh at a launch party held at a KFC store in Connaught Place in New Delhi on December 18. The theme of the party was #WhyNot, the very origin of the thought that led to the genesis of the Chizza (a pizza without any base, #WhyNot?).

India’s first-ever vocal orchestra Voctronica (a band without any musical instruments…#WhyNot) also pumped up the tempo at the event and performed a unique Chizza anthem based on the #WhyNot theme.

In the run-up to the launch of the Chizza, KFC executed an interesting digital campaign. In this day and age, when more and more brands are logging on to the digital bandwagon and pushing out as much product information as possible, KFC decided to do something extraordinary. It created an exclusive ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ website, without any reference to the product itself.

The concept of the website was as unique as the product itself. Users had to queue up to access the site and only one user could access the site at any given point of time. Winners stood a chance to win passes to the KFC launch party (where the product was finally unveiled) and other goodies.

Within a period of 4 days (which included the weekend), the promotional campaign for the site saw over 9 million impressions; over 40,000 registrations and the cumulative time spent by users waiting on the site was 303 days.

Starting December 18, Chizza will be available across KFC stores in India, priced at just Rs 169! So grab the Chizza at your nearest KFC store. Relish the irresistible 100% chicken experience like never before! Available only for a limited period.

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