Rara Gosht – Story of Foodie Witch


Happened to read this story on this website … So Quoting  from Apple Mint.com (http://aapplemint.com/ . Interesting love story  definately a fairy tale about food and cuisine … Lovestory are so important in life and Fairy Tale is not complete with out a atrocious and wicked Witch .. Well in this Fairy tale  , Witch seems to have weakness i.e for the Lamb or Mutton

So the legend goes … The Chhota Nawab of Awadh, and the Rajkumari of Jaipur were madly in love with each other. They wished to be together but life had other plans. They had a clandestine love affair and their families found out. The princess was whisked away to a fortress surrounded by deep waters and guarded by an evil witch. The prince yearned for his ladylove, but was unable to get in. The witch was clever and unforgiving, but she had one weakness: mutton. The prince called down the finest bawarchis of his great empire for one task only: to create a mutton dish so delicious that it would render the witch powerless. And so the dish was prepared near the moat of the bewitched castle … Cooked slowly and patiently in whole spices – spices that had made Hindustan famous all over the world – black cardamom, green cardamom, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, cloves, whole black peppercorns, star anise, cumin seeds and Kashmiri red chillis. They cooked and they stirred and as the masalas roasted the deep sensuous aromas arose and wafted through to the fortress. The meat simmered and began to tenderize, and the witch could not control herself and magically transported the pot to her chamber. She loved the preparation so much, that she actually gave the Rajkumari away to the Chhota Nawab and blessed them with eternal happiness. The magnanimous prince named the magical preparation after the witch, whose name was Rara … hence Mutton Rara.

Rara Gosht is a delicious spicy dish and rich in appearance. Here Mutton is thoroughly cooked and seasoned with  spices

1 kilo assorted cuts of  mutton
1 cup thick yogurt/curd
150 mils ghee/clarified butter/mustard oil
1 generous cup thinly sliced onions
5 tsp ginger garlic paste
1/3 cup fresh tomato puree
Salth according to taste
2 -3 tsp red chilli powder
5 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp turmeric
4 black cardamom
10 green cardamom
2-4 bay leaves

For the tempering
1 tsp ghee
1 tsp cumin seeds/jeera
3-4 whole dry red chillies

1. Marinate lamb with yoghurt and salt for 1 hour.
2. Heat the Ghee in a pot or degchi if one has .. cause the Lamb is takes time to cook and loosens its own fat ..
3. Crackle the whole spices.
4. Add onions, saute till light brown.
5. Add ginger garlic paste.
6. Saute for 4 to 5 minutes.
7. Stir in the spices.
8. Add marinated lamb, bring to the boil, reduce flame and simmer, adding 2 tsp water and seal the degchi or Pot with flour dough around it
9. Cook until the lamb becomes cook for atleast 2 hrs on slow flame

10. Add the remaining ingredients.
11. Cook, covered on low heat till the lamb is tender and evenly coated with the marinade.
12. Remove and Serve hot.

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