The Kashmir is not just a paradise  known for it’snatural Beauty only but also for the lovers of good food. The state offers a variety of exotic recipes bearing a distinct seal of the state. Secret behind the mind-blowing cuisine of the state lies in the books of history which speaks of the invasion of Kashmir by Timur in the 15th century AD. This resulted in the migration of hundreds of skilled cooks from Samarkand to cater to the royal tongue. The descendants of these cooks gifted the state the unsurpassable tradition of Wazwan, the delectable aromatic banquet of Kashmir. Wazwan consists of 36 course meal, essentially, meat based prepared by Wazas (cooks) under the supervision of Vasta Waza, the Master Chef.


Three different styles of cooking prevail in the state as Kashmiri Pandits, Muslims and Rajput follow their own traditions and proscriptions in cooking. Kashmiri Pandits refrain from the use of onions and garlic, while Muslims love mostly non-vegetarian varieties and avoid the use of asafoetida (hing) and curds. Variations in recipes can also be observed in the different regions of the state. Cooking pattern as seen in Ladakh differs to that Hindu Dogras. This is also due to change in locally produced crops

To Start with  Lets  have  Vegetarian Dish which I love –  Nadru ke Kofte ( LOTUS STEM DUMPLING OR BALLS with Akhrot ( Wal nut ) filling


Nadru ( Lotus stems ) 

2 Table spoons besan ( Gram Flour )  

 3 tbs pakhrot pieces ( Walnuts crushed )  

2 tbspSalt for taste

For gravy

onions  – Chopped around a Cup 

1 tspgreen chillies, chopped

1 tsp tomato puree

1 cupcream

¼ cupjeera powder

1 tspKashmiri lal mirch powder

½ tspdhania powder

Saunt and Saunf Powder (  Dried Ginger and Fennel )

a  Ghee / Oil for deep frying


Clean and wash the LOTUS STEMS pieces very well. Boil the pieces in sufficient water, a pinch of cooking soda and salt till tender.

Cool completely and mash well. Roast the besan and add to the nadru mixture. Add salt, red chillie powder and make small balls. Flatten each ball and put a crushed wallnuts in between and again shape into balls. Deep fry and keep aside.

For gravy

In a kadahi / Wok , put some Ghee  and deep fry the oions and grind into fine paste. Then fry again till oil seperates, add  dried Ginger / Fennel Powder , chillie pieces, and tomato puree.

Cook for 4-5 minutes, add dry ingredients and cook further for 4-5 minutes. Add sufficient water to make thick gravy.

At the time of serving add cream and fried koftas and cook for a minute and serve hot garnished with green corriander.

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